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About us

We believe that love makes the world go round and when we connect with like-minded people, experiences take on a whole new meaning. That’s what we’re looking for at the Lunch Club: people with this interest in unique and exclusive experiences! We will meet regularly with different themes and dynamics, from the experience of cooking a complete menu together, to specific workshops or meetings where we simply chat and share ideas about local food, recipes and tricks.

All experiences are unique and the main objective is to create a community around a lunch table.

From tips on how to always have a quick dinner, typical dishes, grandma’s cooking or a modern twist to the recipes we’ve always made and never looked at from another perspective as we travelled the seasons and the country. And when you get back home, how well will you be able to impress your group of friends with these new recipes?

Local products

Being conscious about what we feed our bodies is one of the most important routines in our lives. Learning to have as small impact on the environment as possible, creating a complete themed menu with what we can easily find around us, wherever we are.


What we experience today is a product of our ancestors and it is this identity that makes each country unique. When we work on recipes, it's this identity that we're sharing and there's nothing better than sitting down, talking and eating. Do we agree with that?

Make new friends

All good stories start with a toast and a great meal! At the Lunch Club we want to create connections, friendships and perhaps networking, because it's when we decide to share a meal with strangers that we open our hearts to new opportunities.

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