About Ana

feet on Earth and heart in the stars

Ana focuses her practice on the balance between movement, breathing, and heartbeat, she believes that our whole body moves with love. The classes are paced by fluid and fun movements, she loves to see new people falling in love with yoga and the enthusiasm of those who want to discover more.

With over 1000 hours of sharing her vision of yoga, in 2016 Ana took the Yoga for Children training, and in 2018 her first YTT in Integral Yoga and Aerial Yoga. The hammock is his second home and all the smiles, hugs and conversations over a cup of tea after yoga sessions make every day worthwhile. Since 2020 she is also dedicated to organizing events and retreats where the attention to detail and the intention to provide moments of real connection with the people who share these moments with Ana bring a true sense of purpose.

She learned to live between her passion for yoga and cooking because both came about by chance in her life and gradually brought her to a lifestyle where she learned to respect time, body, mind and above all heart. That’s what she likes to share in her classes, mindfulness sessions and food.

Ana loves having a table full of people, hearing the silence after the first bite and feeling that the flavors reach places in the soul where yoga can also reach. And the kitchen is always open to anyone who wants to talk, learn, help or simply observe and take notes on recipes, tips and tricks.

Being present is her motto, being present in a conscious way is what motivates her to choose two passions that have become a profession and what she believes is worth investing in! She likes groups, she likes completely personalized sessions and work and aligning the intentions of her partnerships with her own values. She believes that with love anything is possible, and through love the world turns with greater awareness of this incredible connection between Humans and Nature, in a simple, light and fluid way.

what people say

about Ana
Ana transmits a lightness, happiness and magic that inspires us.
I practised aerial yoga and loved, the best sensations of my life, pure liberation, and peace!
Donatila Menezes
It was fantastic! I realised that we can be as light as a feather, inside and out! Thank you very much
Sónia Garcês
Ana Lourenço Porto Santo yoga madeira Portugal

Practice with Ana

online or in the studio

Aerial Yoga offers a multitude of possibilities and the classes are guided in a fluid and rhythmic way, although some are more focused on mindful and calm movements, others are totally fitness and with a faster pace, some times are simply for relaxation and for practitioners to indulge in relaxation. Whatever type of lesson you book, you’ll always have a unique experience guided by Ana’s soft, warm voice.

At Flow Yoga, classes are a bliss of connection with nature, always outdoors and by the sea with a focus on the elements of nature and above all on the balance between the stability of the Earth and the expansion of Heaven.