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Hi, I’m Ana!

Ana grew up surrounded by a large family and in the countryside, with her head in the stars and her feet in the creek as she searched for gold nuggets. Ever since she was a little girl, her connection with nature has transformed her thoughts into something simple and uncomplicated. Yoga came about naturally and to help understand that

Not every day is good, but every day has something good!

Certified by Yoga Alliance in Yoga for Children, Integral Yoga and Aerial Yoga, passionate about cooking and trained in Plant Based Food, her passion for sharing what happens off the mat and the simplicity of a more conscious routine has brought a new perspective on life and a certainty that purpose is aligned with her heart.

aerial yoga

vamos voar?

It is in the cocoon that you find yourself and in the fluidity of the movements that you understand the delicacy of your body, the strength, the ability to trust and where the limits are expanded beyond what you believe is possible.


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lunch club

Uma experiência culinária

For people looking for unique and exclusive experiences! We will meet regularly with different themes and dynamics, from the experience of cooking a complete menu together, to specific workshops or meetings where we simply chat and share ideas about local food, recipes and tricks.


Dicas, eventos, novidades e partilhas que fazem sentido

What you will find here

time for you, experiences in group or in your comfort

Between time for reflection, new experiences and true immersions in the simplicity of living and looking at life from a new perspective, each retreat is different and a unique opportunity to get to know yourself. You can join a group or simply want a personalized program just for you with a private retreat.

Aerial Yoga or Traditional Yoga in nature. Meditation or a combination of rituals and special places. All classes are special in their own way, they can be calmer and more relaxed, they can be a challenge to your ability to trust your own body... But most of all time where you learn and dedicate time to yourself and to the beautiful way of loving and respecting yourself, on and off the mat.

online program

Rituals for a Happy Life came about when I realized the need to share my passion for the routines I am passionate about, yoga practice, self-care rituals, the simple ways yoga can be experienced off the mat, and food. Learning to take the time to nourish your body and mind so that your heart feels like you are tucking it in too is the secret to simplifying the whole process of living a healthy life and being more aware of who you are!